Best Place To Fight Your Demons In Louisville 2021

Olmsted Parks
Whether you’re a bipolar alcoholic like me, or just living through a regular-old world-wide pandemic, you need to fight back the demons of fear, shame, anger, anxiet, and your basic all around weltschmerz. Now, I battle the demons by running, or as I like to call it, socially-acceptable self-harm, but there is a litany of activities (including reciting the Litany Against Fear) that you can use when you need some self care. The best place I’ve found to take care of myself is at my friendly neighborhood Olmsted Park. For me, Shelby Park is literally closest to my heart, as it’s about a block from my house. But I have spent uncounted hours in Iroquois, Cherokee and Tyler Park as well. In the last year, I’ve started seeking out the Olmsted Parks that were new-to-me, like Shawnee Park and Churchill Park, so I can keep finding new places in which to box with Beelzebub and assault Asmodeus, as well as running from the ghosts I may not be quite ready to face.