Sponsored: Bitcoin of America is Bringing Ethereum to Louisville

With all the recent chatter about Ethereum, many are left wondering where they can get their hands on it. Popular virtual currency exchange, Bitcoin of America recently announced that they now offer Ethereum at their Bitcoin ATM (BTM) locations. They currently have over 10 plus BTM locations in the Louisville area to choose from. You may even noticed one of their Bitcoin ATMs last time you were in a local gas station, convenience store, or liquor store.

Bitcoin of America also recently announced their new Universal Kiosk. This new universal kiosk combines the capabilities of a traditional ATM with a Bitcoin ATM and offers 3 main functions. The first is the traditional ATM feature where customers can dispense cash from a debit card. The second function is being able to buy crypto with cash. The last is that customers can sell crypto in return for cash.

Store owners in the Louisville area can now place a Bitcoin of America ATM in their business for free. When you host with Bitcoin of America you have the ability to earn passive income, increase your foot traffic, and take advantage of free marketing opportunities. Bitcoin of America handles everything from maintenance to installation services for the hardware required to run the machine. Bitcoin of America also offers 24-hour help-desk support. This live technical support not only extends to customers using the kiosk, but to a hosting merchant as well, for any questions that may arise during the process.