Our Favorite Wings 2021

Eden & Kissi (Honorable Mention To Kathmandu Kitchen For Keeping Nepalese Cuisine Tight In This City)

At a birthday party a few weeks ago, my friends and I decided to order Nepalese takeaway and raided the Kathmandu Kitchen menu for everything it had. It was transcendent… maybe this is a double plug. Go there. But my friend’s husband added two boxes of these heavenly, smoky-scented wings to the spread and said, “Oh, these are the Peri-Peri wings from Eden & Kissi.” You know that scene in a love story where time slows and the camera goes dreamy? A gentle breeze begins to blow and the eyes of two lovers meet? Well, wings don’t have eyes, but this was the start of a love affair. A deep, sensual romance, ordained by the heavens and ebony gods of quality chicken wings and seasoning. Yes, it was like that — and these wings are life-changing. Praises. Now that you know the origin story of how I began my deep adoration of the Peri-Peri wings at Eden & Kissi, you will know that when I saw their banner after leaving my nearby Korean class, there was absolutely zero chance that I was going to pass it up and come back another time. I mean, I am going back very soon, but at that moment, at that time, those wings were coming home with mama. And they did. Now my family feels exactly like I do, so we have a new favorite restaurant. You can go, but your ass better leave some wings for me.

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Our Favorite Wings 2021

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