Kentucky’s Favorite Candy Is Not Swedish Fish This Year (Why Was It Ever?)

Kentucky has a new favorite candy and it isn’t Swedish Fish? First, of all, who the hell likes Swedish Fish that much?! Maybe it was COVID and the Kentucky taste buds went sour but, I’m just shocked that Swedish Fish was ever the No. 1 candy in the state. They aren’t as bad as the plastic-y Twizzler but still. 

Well now, according to, Kentucky’s favorite candy is Reese’s Cups with Swedish Fish and Hot Tamales as a close second and third. 

Kentucky, how…

Anyway, Kentucky is now in line with the rest of America as a whole. Reese’s Cups are a reasonable sweet treat that makes sense to almost any palate. 

The sales of candy this year are expected to rise dramatically as the delta variant wanes and Halloween trick-or-treating seems more and more like a real possibility. Experts are saying it can be done safely. According to the website, the sales of Halloween candy are expected to reach record highs with candy sales expected to reach over $10 billion, which puts it up 26% over last year. 

If you doubt these numbers, know that the folks at really know candy. The group comprises bulk candy distributors and retailers of our favorite sweet snacks. So they know what kind of candy you’re consuming out there. 

For those of you looking for ways to make trick-or-treating safe, start by giving the kids the good candy and leave those peanut butter drops and candy corn for the trash. Then check out some of the innovative ways people gave out candy last year with PVC candy shoots, candy clotheslines, or simple tables where kids could grab their own individually bagged treats. 

One more thing, parents in Kentucky, the kids want chocolate but apparently to our north, Indiana kids really want Starburst, so keep that in mind when you’re buying the goods for the coming holiday.

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Kentucky’s Favorite Candy Is Not Swedish Fish This Year (Why Was It Ever?)

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