Google’s Top Searched Halloween Costumes, Including Kentucky’s, Aren’t That Creative

Google Trends released their list of the most searched Halloween costumes this season. I’m not sure why but I expected something more creative from the local folks out here Googling costume ideas. So while I’m surprised by the level of basic-ness in these searches, the list also shares a “show something less popular” list, and that is far more interesting. 

The list of the five most popular costumes include: 

  • Dinosaurs (I get it. Parents are tired and kids love dinosaurs. I just hope you get weird with it. I’ve never seen a diplodocus costume.)
  • Cruella De Vil (Not too bad. The movie was pretty good and her style was also nice. I’ll let this one slide.)
  • Superman (I’m confused. Why?)
  • Pumpkin (Did everyone pop out a little baby during the pandemic? There is only one reason for this costume, and that’s inheritance from a larger cousin.)
  • Devil (Poor Satan always gets a bad rap. Can we try Lucifer Morningstar costumes based on Tom Ellis’ character in the TV show, “Lucifer?”)

Kentucky isn’t more creative than the rest of the country, apparently, because the most searched Halloween costume in Louisville and Lexington was dinosaur, and for Bowling Green, it was pumpkin.

Ok, here is the list of the five lesser searched costume suggestions:

  • Spice Girls (Honestly, that this costume is still ranking at all is weird, but sure, I’ll always dance to their music.)
  • Jon Snow (hard pass. We’ve seen it enough.)
  • VSCO Girl (I guess this is the new Delia’s. I have nothing, but a quick search reveals this girl is a subculture of environmentally-aware granolans. Are they like the Lululemons of youth culture?)
  • Dwight Schrute (This character from “The Office” has been a consistent costume since the series began. Poor Dwight, the victim of Jim’s pranks and antics who never quite succeeded at his own retaliatory attempts. He’s a favorite buffoon.)
  • Leopard (um, ok. I don’t know. As Tyra Banks might say, “Make it fashion.”)

I know that we’re coming off a Halloween drought because of the pandemic so I expected more, but I guess not everyone starts planning their costume in July. I digress. 

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Google’s Top Searched Halloween Costumes, Including Kentucky’s, Aren’t That Creative

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