Best Place To Watch The NFL Sunday Ticket In Louisville 2021

BoomBozz in The Highlands
Setting the NFL Sunday Ticket up well at a bar is an art form. Every game has to be on, but each table of fans, fantasy football managers and gamblers are going to have requests of what they want on nearby. It’s a balancing act. There are a few places that do it pretty well in Louisville, but none better than BoomBozz in The Highlands, which is an open room with the right amount of TVs. You can park right in front of the TV with your team, but it’s also easy enough to scan around the room for other implications. Plus, BoomBozz has rock solid pizza and beer specials that won’t run up a Saturday night tab on a Sunday afternoon. It’s usually pretty packed, but you can generally still find a seat, which creates a nice atmosphere without a scramble. Louisville’s definitely a college sports town, but it doesn’t feel like it at BoomBozz on a Sunday.