Best Place To Thrift In Louisville 2021

Fleur De Flea Vintage Urban Market
Most of us have been to a Peddler’s Mall or Vendor’s Village. It’s a fun experience shifting through the junk to find an antique treasure. But sometimes you want to go to a flea market where almost everything you stumble upon is a possibility, and that’s the Fleur de Flea. It’s clear that the market’s vendors have been carefully selected for the quality of their goods. But, that doesn’t mean you’re going to find a bunch of stuffy colonial furniture and crystal chandeliers that cost thousands of dollars. The items are old, but they’ve obviously been plucked by people with modern sensibilities — those who have been looking at Instagram and Pinterest enough to know what past trends are current again. I’ve been on too many thrifting adventures where most of the time is spent gasping at price tags or laughing about some creepy doll. And while there are plenty of expensive items at the Fleur de Flea, you’ll also find clothing, furniture and decorations that you’ll actually want to (and can) take home with you. So, kick that Target habit and start shopping at the Flea.