Best Place To Bring Out-Of-Towners 2021

Cave Hill Cemetery
“Really, a cemetery?” “I hope you’re not shopping for a plot for us.” “Wait, he was real?” These are just some of the things you can hear out-of-towners groan and exclaim if you drag them to Cave Hill Cemetery as the first stop on your Louisville itinerary for them. Morbid? Sure. But Cave Hill also shows off Louisville’s natural beauty, its architecture, its history. It is a stunning and tranquil green oasis in the heart of the city. And to visitors, it shows off the final resting places of two of the most famous Kentuckians: Muhammad Ali and Colonel Harland Sanders (“Yep, he’s real,” you can quip to your visitors before telling them about how the string tie-wearing fried chicken magnate once shot a guy.) Getting lost on the labyrinth of small roads twisting through the graves is half the fun — up until you realize the gates get locked at 5 p.m. and you see the sun creeping towards the horizon.