Best Liquor Store In Louisville 2021

Old Town Wine and Spirits
There are many great liquor stores in town, but none satisfy more than Old Town. The gold standard, Old Town, always has a remarkable selection of, well, everything. Whether you need to find a good bottle of sake or a seasonal brew, Old Town almost certainly has it or something very like it. Old Town supports local businesses, not only in carrying some fantastic local beers or homegrown spirits, but in stocking snacks like dips or ice creams that perfectly complement the kinds of decisions you make after having a few pints of your favorite drink. They also have a great discount case selection of beers and a wonderfully handy drive-thru. As a longtime Highlands resident, Old Town has been my destination for decades. Throughout that time, the staff has always taken a moment to know my name, to joke with me, or to just ask how I’m doing with absolute sincerity. The reason that Old Town is truly superlative is their people. The staff there are always kind, knowledgeable and willing to give you a moment of their time. It doesn’t matter if you’re in there to commiserate whatever is eating you this week or if you’re just in a rush to grab something delicious while you’re out, they have you covered.