Best Kentucky Proud Grocery Items 2021

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It is quite thrilling to find a new flavoring that levels up my usual homemade dishes. It’s even more thrilling when I check the label and discover it is made in Kentucky! Everyone is well aware that the pandemic inspired a lot more home cooking and, if you have the means, stocking up on essential pantry items. Two of my favorites for that purpose now are Dan-O’s Original Spicy Seasoning and Bold Badger Hot Sauce. Some may recall Dan-O’s latest marketing efforts, the television ads similar to what you’d see by an injury law firm — laughably ridiculous, but somewhat memorable. It did make me want to try the thing and, needless to say, I am now a Dan-O’s convert. Try this seasoning on raw vegetables during prep or with a marinade. With its savory combination of spices, it is appropriate for most traditional dishes calling for a kick. I love it on kale chips, grilled chicken and chopped potatoes (as a breakfast side). And it’s versatile enough to top on popcorn, if you wish. Dan-O’s Original can be found at most grocery stores. Bold Badger Hot Sauce is another spicy, Kentucky gem. With a line of eight flavors, my heart goes to the Yellow 7 Pot — spicy, citric and an exciting addition to poultry or fish. The key to Bold Badger’s signature, piquant flavor is through wild fermentation, made from peppers grown in Richmond, Kentucky. Find Bold Badger at the next Flea Off Market or order online, as this small-batch hot sauce tends to sell out swiftly. —Lara Kinne

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Best Kentucky Proud Grocery Items 2021

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