Best Inexpensive Date Night 2021

Putt-Putt Fun Center and Dakshin
You could go to one side of Bardstown Road for date night and drop $100 on sushi or steak in The Highlands. Or, you could drive past the fancy restaurants and bumping clubs, past the Costco and up to Fern Creek, and spend an entire evening with your beau for half that. Start at the Putt-Putt Fun Center, where you can play three games for $9 a piece. The mini golf range’s animal statues and plastic rock formations are a little run down, but that’s part of their charm. Inside the building, you’ll find a collection of arcade games — including a palm reading stand and Crazy Taxi — that have probably been there since the 2000s, just waiting to spark whatever pocket of your brain nostalgia is stored in. The Fun Center is in a neighborhood surrounded by restaurants that represent practically the entire globe. I’m sure you could choose any of the available options for a satisfying end to date night, but I personally recommend heading to Dakshin, one of Louisville’s tastiest Indian restaurants where you’ll find entrees starting at $9.99.