Best Courtyard In Louisville 2021

Nulu Marketplace Courtyard
There are maybe three collective months in Louisville when the weather is so fantastic that the very idea of staying indoors feels tragic. Pre-pandemic, those outdoor public spaces — often patios associated with bars or restaurants — felt like an added bonus, although not wholly necessary. Since the pandemic though, outdoor space has become mission critical for the success of social distancing initiatives. Unfortunately, there are so many outdoor areas, usually food or business related, that are congested areas, too often plagued by sound and air pollution problems. Then there is the Nulu Marketplace courtyard. Tucked away in an alley, the courtyard is a large, open air space with tables, bike stands and options. Whether you’re getting a relaxing CBD balm at Hectare’s, a pint from West Sixth, or some coffee from Please & Thank You, you have plenty of space to do it. Because there are two stories, there is a balcony that provides additional shade or cover from inclement weather. There is a sound system outside for music that’s never too loud or distracting, and you can often find artwork. This month they have one of the biggest carved pumpkins I’ve seen in person. Even post-pandemic, this is a cool, shaded area ideal to just hang out and soak up the sun.