Thorns & Roses: Chief Shields Doubles Down On Bad Idea, Gov. Beshear Nets Economic Win

THORN: Doubling Down On A Bad Idea

When police chief Erika Shields used the bus stop shooting death of Tyree Smith to immediately advocate for school resource officers in JCPS, some took her statements as a desperate search for a solution made in an emotionally charged moment. Nope, turns out Shields has thought this through and really believes police officers are the proper cure for youth violence. She doubled down in her comments in a video posted to social media on Monday, Sept. 27. As council member Jecorey Arthur tweeted, “link me to successful SRO programs.”

ROSE: Public Health Is Metal 

Louder Than Life, a major music festival with an enormous crowd, took place last weekend, and we were glad to see they took the health screenings seriously. Patrons had to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test from the previous 72 hours to even get to the box office or gate. After Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady declared the gigantic Lollapalooza not to be a super-spreader earlier this summer after implementing the same health measures, most festivals have copied the idea. And we’re glad that Louder Than Life was one. Plus, we all got to see Metallica perform the entire Black Album on Sunday.

ROSE: Beshear’s Batteries 

Kentucky received some hopeful economic news on Monday when it was announced that Ford Motor Co. is planning to build battery manufacturing plants in Hardin County that will power the company’s electric vehicles. The $5.8 billion plan is expected to create 5,000 full-time jobs. Production is set to start in 2025. A nice get by the governor.

ROSE: If A Monkey Can Do It Why Can’t You?

The Louisville Zoo is now vaccinating some of its animals for COVID-19 with a specially formulated cocktail for animals. No sheep are being jabbed, just apes and wild cats. Given the anti-vaxxer’s obsession with ivermectin, maybe this will lead to vaccine-hesitant humans clamoring for the leopards’ preferred COVID cure. Jokes aside, some animals are now better protected from COVID-19 than humans. Most of the people who are hospitalized for and dying of COVID in Kentucky are unvaccinated. Let’s use our evolved brains to realize that means getting vaccinated is worth it.

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