Sorry Antivaxxer Site Compiles Stories Of Unvaccinated Deaths In Kentucky And Beyond

Tragic stories continue to pile up of people who died of COVID-19 after denying its existence or rejecting the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

A new site called Sorry Antivaxxer is now keeping a compendium of avoidable obituaries and medical horror stories about people who contracted the coronavirus after rejecting safety measures such as masks and vaccines, and often encouraging others to do the same.

The point of the site — at least from what we can glean — isn’t to make light of tragedy or revel in schadenfreude but to point out just how preventable these fatalities are. These are real people who had real families, real dreams and things to contribute before their lives were cut short.

“The goal of this list is educational,” the site states. “Please share to help keep more people from making the same mistake.”

Kentucky has had its share of tragic unvaccinated COVID deaths.

In Fort Thomas, Kentucky, a father got sick the day he was scheduled to get the vaccine. He later died. In Louisville, a UofL patient asked for the vaccine before he was put on a ventilator. He also died.

This story was originally published by LEO Weekly’s sister paper, the San Antonio Current.