After More Than 40 Years, The Starlight Strawberry Festival Is Calling It Quits

If you go to Starlight, Indiana for the Strawberry Festival, there’s some news that you may find a little disappointing. After more than 40 years of strawberry pickin,’ 2021 was the last year for the festival — and not because of the main suspect, COVID. Nope, the festival is ending because it’s just grown too much and it has become hard for the festival to manage.

The festival has been held on Memorial Day weekend in May for the last four decades and has been a fundraiser for St. John’s Catholic Church. So while there will be no more build-your-own strawberry shortcake station or chicken and dumplings, the organizers might have dropped a hint in their facebook post, saying “…this event will no longer continue into the future as we have known it.” Does that mean something new is coming? We don’t know, but one can hope.