10 Louisville-area Tattoo Artists You Should Be Following On Instagram

This is a dangerous list. The more tattoo artists you follow on Instagram, the more likely you are to book an appointment for just one more. Or, maybe this will be the start of your addiction. Regardless, you should be following these Louisville area tattoo artists anyway for the sole reason that they’re ridiculously talented, and they deserve more attention. 


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A post shared by Darin Ennis (@darinennistattoos)

Daren Ennis
Tattoo Charlies
If you want an artist to accurately replicate your favorite superhero or sci-fi character with a dose of electrifying color, Daren Ennis is your dude. He can also dream up original fantasies, such as a skeleton geisha, that will make you wish that they had their own comic book series.

Victoria Kurtz
Mamma Tried Tattoo Parlour
If you curate your Instagram feed for the ~aesthetics~, Victoria Kurtz’s tattoos should fit in nicely. The pleasing greens and strawberry icing pinks in her original, cutesy designs look as good on skin as they do on your screen. And you’re in luck if you like Kurtz’s work. Her books will open Sept. 20-24 for new appointments.


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A post shared by Steve Gatrost (@stevegatrost)

Steve Gatrost – @stevegatrost
No Division Tattoo
Steve Gatrost’s Instagram bio proclaims “quality over quantity,” but Gatrost is as prolific as he is artistic. His vibrant and fanciful tattoos cover several different styles.


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A post shared by John Embry (@johnembrytattoos)

John Embry
Muse & Myth
If the world was in black and grey, it would look like John Embry’s tattoos. His photorealistic work looks like its alive and right in front of your face, even when it’s a towering haunted house with the grim reaper waiting outside. Embry owns his own tattoo parlor. 


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A post shared by Amber Bananafish (@amberbananafish)

Amber Banafish
Banana Fish Tattoo Parlour
You’ll spot all sorts of creatures in Amber Banafish’s bright tattoos: Pride-flag mermen, green fairies and folk demons. You’ll also be astonished by the detail: mammoth pieces with innumerable lines that never look too busy, no matter how much is going on. Bananafish is the owner of her tattoo parlor.


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A post shared by Christopher M Waugh (@christopher_m_waugh)

Christopher M. Waugh
Five Star Tattoo
Christopher M. Waugh is an American traditional artist, but that doesn’t mean his work is repetitive. His subject matter is ever evolving. A quick look at his portfolio shows a peacock, a nun with a skull and the three muses. As a bonus, Waughn also curates another tattoo-centric page, @tattoo_origins, showing the original references to iconic tattoos.


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A post shared by Dennis Pase (@dennispase_iet)

Dennis Pase
Infinite Electric Tattoo
All of Dennis Pase’s work is fantastic, but most notable are his intricate, Japanese-inspired back and chest pieces that will make your jaw drop and your muscles tense (because how painful must have that been?!) Pase owns Infinite Electric Tattoo.


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A post shared by Kandi (@kandikilljoy)

Acme Ink
What if Pikachu ate Pocky? Or Goku visited LA? Kandi uses her cartoonish style to recreate favorite animated characters — sometimes in all-new situations — as well as to tattoo fun, original works. She’s just as good when she branches out, too, with floral pieces and realistic portraits.


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A post shared by dave oneill (@david_oneill_tattooing)

Dave O’Neill
Ink & Dagger Tattoo Co.
Dave O’Neill’s pieces are often small, but that doesn’t mean they’re not impressive. His delicate line work gets better the closer you inspect it. And, when he does go bigger, he still nails it.


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A post shared by Charlie (@charlie_devil1985)

Charlie Browy
Banana Fish Tattoo Parlour
Charlie Browy’s sleeve work goes from midnight black to glaring white, which makes for a fun viewing experience. New details seem to never stop appearing from his massive pieces. Plus, for you young’uns, Browy is quite adept at TikTok, too.

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