Southern Indiana Student’s Story To Be Displayed On Jeffersonville’s NoCo Story Trail

Three students will be honored in Jeffersonville’s NoCo story trail contest this Saturday, Aug. 28.

The three students Avi Orcutt, Carter Coleman, and Mya Caffrey entered the writing contest from their school at Jonathan Jennings Elementary School in Charlestown, Indiana.The students were chosen out of 26 submissions from students in 4th and 5th grades. All three winners were students of Jonathan Jennings’ teacher, Amber Park. 

The students will participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony at the story train in the NoCo Arts district in Jeffersonville. The story trail was built in 2020 and has been home to a story written by another young student author, Ava Gleitz. The Jeffersonville Public Art Commission decided this year to celebrate young wordsmiths by hosting the NEXT competition. 

The winners were chosen because they demonstrated creativity and “excellence of craft.” 

In order, the winners are: 

Avi Orcutt-1st place

Carter Coleman-2nd Place

Myra Caffrey-3rd Place

Orcutt’s story, “Being Different is Good” will be published on panels along the NoCo story trail and will remain on the trail for the coming year. The other winners, Coleman who wrote “Fish Love” and Caffrey who wrote “The Octopus” will have their stories available to read at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

NoCo Story Trail Ribbon Cutting

Aug. 28
628 Michigan Ave., Jeffersonville, Indiana
Free  |  10 a.m.



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Southern Indiana Student’s Story To Be Displayed On Jeffersonville’s NoCo Story Trail

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