Photos: Everything You’re Missing At The Kentucky State Fair

State fairs. Across the country, they follow a similar formula: Cute animals, fried food and thrilling rides. It’s an equation that works. And if you’re not going, you’re missing out. We wanted to show you what you’re losing out on if you skip the Kentucky State Fair this year. Buckle up, keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times, and get ready:

Families gathered to snap photos with a variety of animals at the Kentucky State Fair.
There were plenty of new friends to be made at the fair.
The honor of the Kentucky State Fair’s largest pumpkin went to Dwight Slone and his pumpkin that weighed in at a whopping 1,663 pounds.
How sweet it is! Sugar was added to the classic elephant’s ear at the Kentucky State Fair.
Younger fair goers got a small glimpse into the world of driving and traffic laws as they pedalled around the course in Safety Town, hosted by the Kentucky State Police.
An attendee got vaccinated for Covid-19.
Marshall Ferguson lifted 240-pounds at the ARMY recruiting tent.
Flying high on the Star Scream at the Kentucky State Fair.
Fair goers got their share of thrills on the Typhoon.
A fair worker has fun with bubbles.
Fair goers got a chance to show off their pitching skills.
Demonstrations of strength and skill were rampant at the Kentucky State Fair.
Participants took their shot at winning a giant Pikachu or Scooby Doo.