Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best And Most Absurd (3/24)

Rose: Yarmuth, Pick On Someone Your Own Size

Louisville’s congressman and chairman of the House Budget Committee put lowly Sen. Mitch McConnell, minority leader, in his place. In an op-ed to the Courier Journal last week LEO founder John Yarmuth said: “Mitch McConnell is a man of few words, but when he speaks, you can be sure of one thing: He’s worried.” Yarmuth, who worked alongside McConnell in Sen. Marlow Cook’s office in the 1970s, would know. “[N]othing ruffles McConnell’s feathers more than the escalating pressure on Democrats to reform or eliminate the filibuster — more accurately described as the minority veto — that allows as few as 41 of 100 senators to defeat a piece of legislation in the Senate. The reason could not be simpler; the minority veto is McConnell’s most powerful weapon, and its elimination would be his Kryptonite. So it was no surprise to see Mitch on the floor this week, frenetically predicting legislative Armageddon in the Senate should Democrats attempt to disarm him of his precious filibuster.” Hey Yarmuth, we know he used to be a big deal, but isn’t Mitch beneath you now? 

Absurd: McConnell Took The Bait

Well, Yarmuth was right… McConnell is worried! McConnell responded to Yarmuth’s CJ op-ed with one of his own, saying: “Congressman John Yarmuth likes to pretend he knows me. He talks to reporters and writes in these pages as if he’s some sort of ‘McConnell-whisperer.’ That’s a full day’s drive from reality.” Mitch, we can assure you that Yarmuth (nor anyone else for that matter) wants to be within whispering distance of you. And if you’re interested in a full-day’s drive to reality, try this on: Because of Yarmuth’s leadership, he and Democrats passed the American Rescue Plan Act, which will bring $4.2 billion to Kentucky and $430 million to Louisville. You, Mitch, voted against it. After campaigning on all your power as Senate majority leader, claiming you alone allowed Kentucky to “punch above its weight,” it turns out you are the one who’s a full day from reality. In fact, without you, Kentucky has a puncher’s chance.

Rose: Beshear Needs More Ink

Gov. Beshear’s stamp-arm must be sore, after he got busy vetoing some of the Republican’s absurd legislation. Among the vetoed bills was the Senate Vacancy Bill, which would strip the power of the governor to appoint someone to fill a vacant U.S. Senate seat. That’s bad news for state Attorney General Dan Cameron, who might have to wait for Mitch McConnell to retire… and win an election to become Senator. Although, if McConnell was planning on retiring early, perhaps that’s bad news for all of us. 

Rose: Slowing The St. Patty’s Spread  

On St. Patty’s Day, The Irish Rover did curbside carryout only, purposely missing out on a windfall of cash, in order to be responsible during the pandemic. They usually have a socially-distanced beer garden going, but that sort of thing can be hard to keep under control on the drunkest holiday of the year. What they did took courage and restraint, unlike some of the other pubs around town that are basically just never-ending frat parties.