Inauguration Inspired Looks: Locals Celebrate The New Administration

Fashion is a language that blends creation, concept and meaning. It is also art. To argue that it’s not is to miss a fundamental piece what art does. It communicates. 

Fashion is not unlike painting, sculpture or poetry. It uses the same tools and carries with it our histories, cultures and innovations. From creating garments in an atelier to coordinating looks from the closet, the art of clothing involves hands bringing to life ideas and dreams — offering meaning in a way that speaks so that we don’t always have to.

On Wednesday, January 20, the United States swore in its 46th president and 49th vice president. To celebrate, people all over the world added a little extra to their outfits signaling their support of President Joseph R. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. 

Cheering the end of chaos and welcoming the new administration, local first responders, front-line workers and other inauguration watchers used their outfits to communicate how this moment made them feel. 

Here are some of LEO’s favorite looks from Inauguration day:

A supporter cheers Vice President Kamala Harris’ breaking the glass ceiling.
Front Line Worker Amy Walkup celebrates “trusting science” by getting her COVID-19 vaccine.
Arlo watching his first female VP being sworn in.
Dr. Ashley Hopkins wore Lady Liberty earrings, pearls and an RBG t-shirt.
Ms. Beatrice Bush celebrating the first Black, Southeast Asian and Female VP.
Dr. Cherie Dawson-Edwards poses with her daughter and Emi Ramirez to mark the occasion.
Erica Oliver cheers the new VP with pink and green, the colors of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorrority. The green is a tree for a model train set.
S.H.A.R.P. Instructor Erin Miller.
Social Worker Gemma Fetalver celebrated with wine in pink and purple.
Red, white and blue isn’t just for the flag.
Hannah Robson Dela Cuesta.
Heather Laferre giving Stacey Abrams some props.
Stylist Jude Jett celebrates with LuLu
Melissa Kay sports her scarf as she celebrates from work.
A toast from Michelle Kennedy Churchman.
Nurse Paula Carmouche.
Kenquisha Moorman, NP celebrated on the job.
Master of computers and the Internets Rob Totten.
Sheryl Howard soaking in the moment.
Local artist Skylar Smith marked the day with a vaccination and a vote necklace. 
Stephanie Lee wearing a Chucks and Pearls t-shirt and Chucks.
Frontline worker Tasha Dansby-Gobinsingh rocked major pearls to celebrate the first African-America, Southeast Asian and female VP.
Artist Tatiana Rathke celebrates the end of the “glass ceiling.”
Little supporters in their red, white and blue.
Biden’s biggest fan, Tracey Stewart.