Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best And Most Absurd (10/21)

Thorn: Appoint a special prosecutor

It seems Attorney General Daniel Cameron lied. After claiming grand jurors heard evidence in Breonna Taylor’s killing, one now says: “The grand jury did not have homicide offenses explained to them. … Questions were asked about additional charges and the grand jury was told there would be none because prosecutors couldn’t make them stick.” Justice demands a do-over.

Thorn: The LMPD is                and

More obfuscation just confirms the Louisville Metro Police Department’s guilt. Police released reams of disciplinary records on the three cops who fired into Breonna Taylor’s apartment, killing her. And guess what? The Courier Journal, which has sought the files for five months, reported that “some of the records are so heavily redacted that the incidents they describe are virtually indecipherable.” The LMPD’s excuse: It claims the law allows redactions for “the non-disclosure of preliminary records that express opinions and not a final decision.” Ah, the old preliminary investigation excuse…

Thorn: Just in, LMPD won’t hire bad cops

The LMPD major in charge of the training division told The CJ that some 600 men and women applied to be in the new recruit class but offers were extended to less than half of the class’ 48 person capacity. The new interim chief, Yvette Gentry, has said she worries the LMPD might… well, her words were: “I don’t want to be dipping in a shallow pool. I don’t want to leave that for the next chief to be dipping in a shallow pool, and then we end up paying later, because we have had to take people that we would not normally take.”

Thorn: Leave your guns at home!

Yet another shooting at Jefferson Square Park has marred the otherwise peaceful protest for racial and social justice. This time, it seems, provocateurs in a car with a “Trump 2020” flag fired shots at the crowd. But WLKY reported that an unnamed person said a protester fired first. No one was hurt. A week ago, another shooting with no injuries. Police said they were investigating. What is clear is that there are too many people with too many guns at the square.

Rose: Are we Taco City? Already taken!

With the opening of I Love Tacos in the former ear-X-tacy (also known as Pantera bread), we count 11 taco places on Bardstown Road in The Highlands. Sol Aztecas, La Suerte, Lucky Burrito, Panchitos, El Mundo, Noche Mexican BBQ, Taco City, QDOBA, La Bamba and Chipotle. That doesn’t even include Taco Bell and Baxter Avenue’s Taco Luchador and Agave & Rye.