The best and worst of the pandemic — your answers

The Best Part of The Pandemic

24/7 with my kids

Able to finish projects

Absolutely nothing

Alcohol to-go

All the time home

Alone time

An excuse to wear pajamas 24/7

Andy Beshear is governor & not Bevin

Appreciating my spouse and home

Appreciating the restaurants we have

Avoiding annoying people

Backyard hangs

Being able to deep clean my house

Being disguised by face mask not having to wear makeup

Being stuck with him

Being together

Better public and personal hygiene

Capitalism on the brink

Carl Stuck

Cherokee Park without cars

Clean air

Cleaning out closets

Coming to the realization that you are not in control and realizing that god is the only one who is

Cooking more at home


Discovering carry-out restaurants

Dogs thrived

Doing creative things

Don’t spend anything

Don’t have to share my weed

Easy to make excuses not to hang out

Eating while being sad


Excuse not to go to dance parties

Excuse to sit at home

Exploring local parks/trails

Extended vacation

Extra time for my houseplants

Family time and getting to know neighbors

Fewer expectations

Fewer obligations

Fostering a dog


Getting all the $ off unemployment

Getting perspective

Going to bed early

Having a baby

Having a clear picture of who is stupid

Having adult children come home for 3+ months

I feel there is a better sense of community and loving the Ville

I have hobbies again!

I look good in a mask

Introverts’ paradise

Keeping my job

Learned to play the ukulele

Less idiots outside

Lots of alcohol

Lowered appearance standards

Meeting my boyfriend right before we both lost our jobs and we ended up quarantining together

Men don’t tell me smile I’m in a mask hahahahahaha

More time to read books without apology!

My now-regular poop schedule

My wife

My wife cooking

Nice reset to get your life back on track

No Derby crowds

No hugging

No March Madness

No more commuting downtown

No small talk

Non-Trumpers helping each other out

Not a damn thing

Not as much traffic

Not dying

Not smelling people’s bad breath

Not wearing pants

Opening a business

Purging stuff in my house

Rediscovering passions

Reevaluating life goals

Saving lots of money not going out

Seeing neighbors walking whom I’ve never met before

Spending time with my grandma

Still got married

Stimulus check

That’s a sick joke, and that’s coming from me

Time to learn a new skill

Walking around Highlands and Cherokee Park

Watching a lot of movies

Witnessing folks’ action of empathy toward others during a time of need and care <3

Work from home

Working out

Zooming with my friends

The Worst Part of The Pandemic

$ loss

24/7 With my kids

A whole summer going to waste!!

Acute suicidal ideation

All of it

All the businesses that went out of business

All the closed restaurants and bars

All the time home

Almost losing my business

Andy Beshear


Bars either closed or closing at 10 p.m.

Being alone

Being at home with kids

Being away from family

Being away from friends

Being isolated from people

Being jobless

Being with my wife


Boredom drinking

Buffets closed

Can’t hug the homies

Canceled vacations

Canceling live events

Can’t hug friends

COVID and fear of catching it

Dead people

Deaths and sickness, not being with people, lack of national leadership, no trust in government

Delay with unemployment

Depression and alcoholism

Depression and weight gain

Donald Trump

Entertainment industry destroyed

Everyone thinking they are a health expert


Horrible restaurant customers

Idiots who deny it

Impact on non-profit work

Keith Stone

Lack of fun

Lack of leadership

Loneliness, death, isolation, lack of normalcy

Loss of jobs

Miss going to the movies

Missing friends

Mitch McConnell ignoring needs of Kentuckians without jobs

My friend dying from COVID

My hair


No Bourbon & Beyond

No church picnics/music

No dance parties

No Derby

No hair color

No Kentucky Shakespeare

No school

No Turners Club

No visiting mom in long-term care

No Waterfront Wednesday

No yoga classes

Not being able to get married

Nothing to do

Other people acting like there is no pandemic


Politicizing the virus


The fear of each other, and neighbors turning on each other

The malicious ignorance of so many that has become apparent


Witnessing folk’s lack of empathy toward others in a time of need and care

Zoom fatigue