Thorns and Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd (9/30)

Yes! Release the Grand Jury tapes!  | Rose

Of course, no justice was served by the Grand Jury regarding who killed Breonna Taylor. We equivocate on which officer killed her or who shot and struck the officer because the ballistics evidence apparently is inconclusive. How can we believe Attorney General Daniel Cameron, though? We are not even sure what he told grand jurors about the three officers or whether he decided the case for himself. But, a grand juror with a conscience demanded release of the Grand Jury recordings, and guess what? Cameron said he would file them Wednesday with the court. Stay tuned…

The truth is leaking out | Thorn

With the steady drip, drip, leaks of information in the case are revealing just how bumbling and duplicitous the Louisville police are. Fired Detective Brett Hankison was allowed to walk around the crime scene before talking with investigators. Another cop involved in the raid was interviewing witnesses. The online news outlet VICE, which broke this story, concludes that body cam footage after the raid shows department policies were broken: “It also raises questions about the integrity of not only the crime scene but also the ensuing investigation into what happened that night.” We are shocked — not.

We, of course, believe her | Thorn

State Rep. Attica Scott, the only Black woman state legislator, was arrested on charges of rioting while walking before curfew with protesters. Police allege she was in a group that tried to set fire to the library. Scott, of course, said she will fight the charge and contends she was set up. Who do you trust more? The legislator arrested in her own district while protesting police brutality or the police who demonstrated brutality that night? Interim police Chief Robert Schroeder said you don’t even have to be damaging something to be charged with rioting! “Under Kentucky’s riot statute, anyone who is part of a group causing damage or riotous behavior, is subject to the charge of rioting,” he said. “It does not require an individual to actually have participated in the destructive act.” Who decides whether you are “part of a group”? Even Tres Watson, former Kentucky GOP spokesman, spoke up for Attica in a tweet: “The @LMPD’s treatment of Rep. Scott and some media has been tone deaf. They cannot effectively police without public buy-in of their authority but their behavior is not endearing cooperation.”

One law, two interpretations | Thorn

The citywide curfew seemed to apply to only the places where cops thought there would be protesting.