Photo Set: #JusticeForBreonna, Protesters mass outside Cameron’s office

As Louisville and nation await word from state Attorney General Daniel Cameron on whether police responsible for Breonna Taylor’s death will be charged, protesters kept up pressure Friday.

Protesters in the “Arrest The Cops” rally met outside of his office on Whittington Parkway, led by the family of Breonna Taylor and the New York-based social justice organization Until Freedom. 

“Daniel, just do your job,” Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, told protesters at the rally. “It’s that simple. It was that simple six months ago.” 

After several people spoke in front of Cameron’s office, the protesters marched down Shelbyville Road where they were met by Louisville police, who said they had to get out of the road. The group made its way back to the attorney general’s office where protesters continued to chant “Say Her Name” and “Daniel Cameron do your job.”

The “Arrest the Cops” rally that began outside of the Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s office was led by the family of Breonna Taylor.
Protesters of many ages took part in the protest outside the office of the Kentucky Attorney General on Friday.
Protesters marched from the office of Attorney General Daniel Cameron toward Shelbyville Road on Friday.
C Tez Jones marched down Shelbyville Road during the “Arrest The Cops” rally held on Friday.
Protesters and Louisville police officers faced each other on Shelbyville Road.
Protesters chanted and raised their fists ourtide of Daniel Cameron’s office at the “Arrest The Cops” rally on Friday.