Photo Set: Grand jury verdict brought protesters to The Highlands, led to arrests

After a grand jury indicted a single officer on three charges of wanton endangerment in the Breonna Taylor case on Wednesday, protesters began marching from Jefferson Square Park in the early afternoon.

The crowd of hundreds reached The Highlands, heading down Bardstown Road, before the police cut them off just before Eastern Parkway.

The police then formed another line behind the protesters, corralling them into a space of about two blocks, which served to funnel most people into the side streets.

Police clashed with protesters and tear gas was fired. At least 13 people were arrested, after which the majority of protesters marched peacefully went back downtown to Jefferson Square Park.

Later, after dark Wednesday, more than 100 people were arrested downtown, and two officers were shot, sustaining non-life threatening injuries.

See photos by LEO photographer Kathryn Harrington of The Highlands protest and arrests.

Protesters made their way along Bardstown Road after marching from Jefferson Square Park.
The arms of arrested protesters were secured behind their backs during the protest on Bardstown Road on Wednesday.
Protesters who were arrested and made to sit in the middle Bardstown Road.
Polict in riot gear lined up along Bardstown Road after arresting several protesters.
Police formed a perimeter around protesters who had been arrested.
After a confrontation with police, protesters left The Highlands and marched toward downtown.
A caravan of vehicles joined protesters who were on foot as they made their way back downtown from The Highlands.
Protesters encountered a line of Louisville police officers and vehicles on Bardstown Road in The Highlands.