Photo Set: The derby went on, and so did the protest

It was a Derby not even close to another.

No fans attended, but a heavy police presence and protesters from roughly three groups were there — those demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, a Black militia and counter-protesters who also were armed.

The 146th running of the Kentucky Derby still occurred after being rescheduled from May to Sept. 5.

The protesters began the day at South Central Park before marching toward Churchill Downs. The property already surrounded by gates had extra barricades in place as well as a large presence of law enforcement.

Protesters made their way around the perimeter of Churchill Downs while chanting and honking car horns before arriving at the front entrance where they continued to protest.

Here are photos.

Protesters were separated from Churchill Downs by barricades that surrounded the property.
Hundreds of protesters marched around the outside of Churchill Downs on Saturday.
Chris Rashad led several chants as protesters marched towards the front of Churchill Downs.
Law enforcement in riot gear and with armored vehicles stood inside the fences surrounding Churchill Downs on Saturday.
Protesters marched around the outer perimeter of Churchill Downs on the 146th Kentucky Derby on Saturday.
Lines of protesters stood in front of a fence surrounding Churchill Downs with their fists raised as law enforcement with armored vehicles sat on the other side.
A truck with Louisville police officers drove around the inner perimeter as protesters made their way around to the front of Churchill Downs.
Law enforcement waited behind the gates at Churchill Downs as protesters approached.
Many residents along the marchers route came out to watch
the protest and show support. | Photos by Kathryn Harrington.