Thorns and Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd (8/26)

The more you know  |  Rose + Thorn

The Courier Journal published, deleted and then republished a story it said was based on an internal police report and other reporting about the Breonna Taylor case. The first story led with how she had deeper ties to the drug dealer targeted by the police. The new story leads with how the new information may show why police used such force and says: “However, it provides no explanations or evidence aimed at justifying the shooting … ” It also quotes an unnamed law enforcement official: “Breonna Taylor did not deserve to die no matter what her role in all this.” The previous version included: “‘But criminal activity always has consequences,’ he added.”  Why not keep that? Doesn’t it go to how police think (wrongly) about policing? Regardless, we hope The CJ’s speed in reposting the story and the tempering, contextual changes will silence the armchair journos who accused paper of folding under pressure from the mayor or that the paper deleted the story because it did not fit its narrative. CJ Editor Rick Green gets a rose for owning the error and quickly refocusing the story on the most important question: Should the officers be charged? All of you jackwads — who so profoundly misunderstand journalism but are so quick to tweet — get a thorn. The CJ gets a rose for the scoop, but, ironically, police get a thorn for leaking the report as an obvious smear.

Every life is sacred — not  |  Thorn

All of the Republican clown council people and six Democlowns rejected an ordinance aimed at preventing women using the state’s only abortion clinic from contracting the virus. It would have cleared a 12-foot-wide zone from entrances to the curb. That means not having people scream in your face and thrusting germy fists at you. The ordinance would have applied to all medical facilities. The CJ reported that opponents worried about limiting free speech. Can’t you yell from 6 feet away just as effectively up in someone’s grill? If the real reason they opposed the ordinance is to limit abortions, then aren’t they further endangering precious lives by allowing virus-frothers to get close to these women? “I just don’t think this is a very good look for the council, with the protests, the destruction and the disorder that’s been allowed to happen in the city” Councilwoman Marilyn Parker, R-18th District, said. “We need to think about this. Why does this group get special privileges for safety?”

‘Grannies for justice’  |  Rose

Huzzah to the elders who occupied Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s lawn to demand justice for Breonna Taylor and profound reforms in the police department. CJ columnist Joe Gerth noted: “In an odd twist, Daniel Cameron tells old people to get off his lawn.”

Coronavirus of thorns merch!  |  Absurd

The Ark Park says it is throwing the world’s largest Christian music festival next year — 40 days and 40 nights!