Elders take racial justice demands to AG’s lawn

Mary Holden, 68, was arrested and charged with criminal trespass for sitting on the lawn of state Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s house to demand justice for Breonna Taylor. Altogether, 14 elders staged a protest on his law, some of the seven who remained on the lawn were charged with criminal trespass. 

Below is what Holden calls “A Granny’s Manifesto.”

All of the photographs were taken by Sonja Wilde-de Vries.

A Granny’s Manifesto

I live in a white neighborhood in the city — the same house for 43 years. Next door in an apartment lives a young woman who works at a hospital. She works 12-hour shifts and wears scrubs to work. When she comes home in the evening, she looks weary from work and glad to be home. I have started calling her “Breonna” because that is what Breonna Taylor wore to work when she worked her 12-hour shifts. She must have come home weary from work and glad to be home, too.

I imagine my neighbor on a well-deserved day off going out to dinner with her boyfriend and coming home to “veg out” in front of the TV with a movie. But what I cannot imagine is a quasi SWAT team in plain clothes with a back-up of other cops using a battering ram to burst in her apartment while one of their team fires indiscriminately through a curtained window at my “white Breonna” next door.

These things don’t happen in nice, white neighborhoods. And, yes, there are drug dealers in my nice, white neighborhood.

This story needs to get out there. If those complicit don’t tell it in a timely manner, then people and the internet and social media will piece it together bit by bit. The timely manner would have been in March. Those complicit are the judge and the detective who generated the no-knock warrant, the chief of police, the FOP, the mayor and state Attorney General Daniel Cameron.  All have kicked the ball up the street.

Black lives are beginning to matter here in Louisville, Kentucky.

Daniel Cameron, I have no idea how your mind works that so young in your own life, with so much education and drive, that you are not moving way faster on this case. And, yes, you have kicked the ball up the road, too. We’re supposed to be waiting on the FBI now? Put out some transparency now, today. Tell the story and what you have of it.  Justice for Breonna is waiting.

Mary Carrigan (Holden)
Granny and retired teacher

Mary Holden.
Bob Markert.
Don Pitts.
Sandi Otte.
Phil Schervish.
Bob Lockhart.
Sr. Catherine Mahady.