Thorns and Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd (7/01)

Yes, Machine politics win again, but a star has been born |  Thorn + Rose

So, Amy McGrath edged out Charles Booker. We think yet another moderate, built-by-the-machine Democrat is going to lose against The Evil One. But we also hope that people who so passionately supported Charles will not stay home in the fall. Because maybe, just maybe, the good folks out in the state will realize how badly The Evil One is screwing all of us and join in to beat him. As for Charles, we predict a brilliant political career ahead. Watching him ascend has been wonderful.

How not to handle a crisis | Thorn 

On this page you see photos of protesters’ property that the city destroyed. Who the fuck is advising the mayor? Sure, throw away the protesters’ property. Sure, issue a police report on Breonna Taylor’s slaying with no information. Sure, tear gas peaceful protesters. Sure, send the National Guard because people are outside too late… If only the mayor had Toby Ziegler from “The West Wing” to advise him instead of Mr. Smithers.

Long knives are out for Fischer | Thorn

The mayor’s blithering might get him ousted from office. The Democratic-controlled Metro Council is en route to open an investigation into how he handled Breonna Taylor’s fatal shooting and David McAtee’s death. It might be grandstanding for some, such as Councilman Anthony Piagentini, R-19th District, who is vice chair of the committee seeking the probe and may want the hardest job in Louisville for himself. But the chairman is a Democrat. When The Courier Journal asked whether this sets up a push to axe the mayor, Councilman Brent Ackerson said: “We don’t want to jump to any conclusions” and “At the end of the day, what we want is … the truth. And from there, people can make reasonable conclusions, based upon facts.”


Breonna Taylor Memorial bridge? | Rose

A rose for the protesters blocked the Second Street “Butter” Bridge to demand racial equality and justice. If the mayor had better advice, he would not have allowed their arrests, and he would make permanent the Breonna Taylor banner they raised on the span.

Then, what are the good for? | Thorn

An Original Highlands man reported five abandoned vehicles on his block and at least 12 in his neighborhood. He says Louisville Metro told him the police will not ticket because they are busy with the protests. “In their defense, the city’s 1,200 police officers and police bosses have been very busy rioting. 1,200!” he noted.