Thorns and Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd (6/17)

City, police can shoot to kill but are not straight shooters | Thorn

The Louisville police released the incident report that was supposed to explain how they shot Breonna Taylor at least eight times, killing her. But it contained virtually no information, except mistakes. It said she had suffered no injuries and no force was used to enter. You would think that Mayor Greg “Seen Better Days” Fischer would be demanding to personally inspect every statement and document before any are made public. Either he did not see the document, or he and his advisors are idiots. After the report was released, he tried to staunch the wound: “Full stop. It’s issues like this that erode public confidence in LMPD’s ability to do its job, and that’s why I’ve ordered an external top-to-bottom review of the department.” You think?

Amy was born on third base but thinks she hit a triple | Thorn

Democrat darling Amy “I’ll Make Your Trump Vote Matter” McGrath tried to insult U.S. Senate race opponent Charles Booker in a tweet: “Congratulations Charles on your fundraising. Now you will have the resources to actually provide health insurance to your staff and pay your interns $15/hr like we do.” It was an error. His reply, in part: “I understand, Amy. You’re getting nervous about our campaign. But know, people will never forget you are against guaranteeing healthcare as a human right, and you oppose raising the min wage to $15. Your tweet won’t hit the way your consultants think. … ” 

How about louis Coleman Jr. fwy? | Rose

A tweeter pointed out that Henry Watterson, a Courier Journal editor from 1868-1919, was a former Confederate and leading segregationist, yet he was honored with a freeway and school bearing his name. The CJ news director tweeted back: “All true. Also a champion of journalism and of government accountability, as well as a @PulitzerPrizes winner. The @courierjournal has struggled with Watterson’s duality for decades.”

The CJ puts a capital B in Black | Rose

The CJ has started to capitalize Black “when describing Black culture, ethnicity and communities of people.” It is a Gannett chain-wide initiative. LEO began in January.

911! They are burning sage! | Absurd!

Someone marking the removal of the John B. Castleman statue from Cherokee Triangle lit sage “to cleanse the area … ,“ The CJ reported:  “Soon after the sage burning, a fire truck was called to the area,” but firefighters “left without putting out the sage burning.”