Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd (5/27)

Thorn: Sounds like a death threat

The armchair soldiers converged on Frankfort ostensibly to celebrate their right to carry penis proxies in public to compensate for being bullied when they were kids or some other humiliation. It then turned into a protest of Gov. Andy, who they say has stepped on their right to get sick and sicken others. In a grand, graphic crescendo that expressed what they want to happen next, they hanged an effigy of the governor outside of the Governor’s Mansion, you know, where he lives with his wife and children. Written on the effigy was:  “sic semper tyrannis,”  or “thus always to tyrants.” This is what John Wilkes Booth is said to have yelled after shooting President Lincoln. The Kentucky 3Percenters Inc. state secretary told The Courier Journal she was against the hanging because it looked bad (guffaw).  “However, we’re at the point where rallies and shouting and hollering is just not working anymore,” she said. 

Thorn: the Kentucky state not police

What were the Kentucky State Police doing during all of this effigy hanging, which also included an attempt to hand-deliver a resignation demand to Beshear’s door, The CJ reported. “A few Kentucky State Troopers got out of their cars to observe but did not attempt to stop the crowd,” the paper wrote. The KSP was asked by The CJ if it was conducting an investigation into the events but was told only that it does “not comment on the level of security provided to protect the governor, nor any inquiries that we receive regarding these efforts.”

Thorn: Not so grand jury

The fatal shooting by police of Breonna Taylor made horribly public the kind of cowboy mentality that we know pervades the police force. If no one had been killed or shot, we likely would not know what happened that morning. You can be sure there are similar cases. On the other end of the (in)justice system, the dismissal of charges against her boyfriend calls into question how the grand jury operates. How many others are indicted without consideration of the evidence?  

Rose: When you are wrong, you are…

Is he a hero or a victim? We say he is both and not a criminal. A charge of attempted murder of a police officer was dismissed for Kenneth Walker. Metro Councilwoman Jessica Green has called him a hero for trying to protect himself and Taylor during that questionable raid that netted neither drugs nor a suspect. The police union head demanded Green retract her statement. We can understand why he would want to stand up for his fraternal disorder of police, but now we think he owes Green an apology.