Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd (5/6)

Rose: Sometimes good guys win

The Courier Journal gets a bouquet for winning its 11th Pulitzer, this one for relentless, well-planned and deeply reported coverage of the pardons and commutations that Gov.-reject Matt Bevin issued as he fled office. (We called the win in this very space months ago.)

Rose: They can get a witness

Nearly 100 Black pastors and civil rights leaders joined to criticize Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who is African American, for suing Gov. Andy over his order to ban all mass gatherings including in churches. They noted that COVID-19 is sickening Black people disproportionately. “We find it alarming, reckless and counterproductive, that given these numbers and their impact on the Black community, that the Attorney General Daniel Cameron would state and take steps that align himself with actions which have been, will be and are detrimental to the Black community,” the group wrote, The CJ reported.

Rose: A patriot in scrubs

A rose goes to the X-ray technician who counter-protested at an anti-common sense rally in Frankfort where Gov. Andy was called “Adolf Beshear” for asking people to wear masks and practice medically proven precautions to keep us alive. Wearing scrubs and a mask, she weathered insults from treason-flag waving, unmasked jagoffs. “This mask isn’t protecting me. It’s protecting you,” she told The CJ: “And their rights don’t include the right to kill their neighbors. I want the country to open up, too, but I want it to be safe.”

Thorn: Fine, don’t take the vaccine

The sharpest thorn goes to state Rep. Savannah Maddox, a Republican from Dry Ridge who said at the rally that the “Healthy at Home” order makes you “prisoners in your own homes” and she would not be “forced” to get vaccinated. Later, photos emerged of her posing with a woman dressed in military gear and flashing a “white pride” sign. Maddox tweeted that she denounces “ALL emblems of white supremacy” but did not know what the sign meant. The CJ reported that the Southern Poverty Law Center lists the woman as with the Florida Three Percenter Security Force, a far-right militia movement.

Thorn: What? No 21 dick salute?

So, whose bright idea was it for military planes to fly over Kentucky to, what — honor front-line workers? Wouldn’t the money have been better spent on medical needs or helping pay rent or… any number of things unrelated to this phallic obsession with weapons?