Photos of restaurants in Louisville reopening

Kentucky restaurants were allowed to reopen Friday, May 22, for inside dining under new rules. The regulations include that restaurants must limit allowed capacity to just a third inside, and tables must be spaced 6 feet apart. Also, only members of the same household can sit at the same table. Here is a peek from LEO photographer Kathryn Harrington at how that went on the first day in Louisville.

Employees wore masks while taking orders at Wick’s Pizza.
Employees at Molly Malone’s on Bardstown Road wore masks on Friday.
At Seviche, as at many restaurants opened up for business on Friday, the new safety regulations made for different dining experiences.
An employee wiped down the front doors at Seviche.
An employee at ROC Restaurant made sure all is sanitary.
Even the musicians wore masks as they played at Varanese on Friday.
The masks did not see to get in the way.
But the masks did make for an odd sight.
Tammy Embrey, masked and ready to enforce the new rules, sat at the entrance of Molly Malone’s, ready to seat patrons.
Seviche placed a sign outside on its patio with new safety regulations.
Special signage at Varanese reminds patrons of the new safety regulations.
A divider was placed between tables at Varanese to ensure proper distancing.
Customers could scan QR codes with their phones to view the menus at Varanese so no one had to touch them.
Sanitation stations were placed at Varanese as restaurants opened for patio and indoor dining on Friday.
The rule that held restaurants to a third of allowed capacity can be seen in these spaced out tables at Varanese.