Watch the video for ‘Lift Up Louisville’ featuring more than 20 musicians

Several of the area’s best known musicians came together to create “Lift Up Louisville,” an inspirational song about community while everyone’s experiencing isolation during this tough time. 

The song is part of Mayor Greg Fischer’s Lift Up Lou movement, and is a collaborative effort by Louisville Orchestra Music Director Teddy Abrams, Jim James, Will Oldham, Jecorey “1200” Arthur, Scott Carney, Carly Johnson, Cheyenne Mize, Sam Bush, Michael Cleveland and many more.

“We hope that this song provides inspiration and pride for Louisvillians, and that it functions as a reminder that the city’s artists believe in service to their community in addition to performance at the highest levels,” Abrams said in a press release. “We’d love to see other cities take this model and build their own songs, creating a quilt of songs reflecting the various musical communities of towns around the world.”

Watch the video below.