Make & Muddle

Spend your time at home learning to craft the perfect cocktail with the Make and Muddle series! These online classes will range in skill and equipment, giving everyone the opportunity to learn the art of mixing drinks.

April 25: STIR CRAZY – Learn to make three classic stirred cocktails, including the chemistry behind them, with this virtually streamed event.

May 1: JULEPS – You might not be able to celebrate Derby in May this year, but this class will help you have a little Derby at home while helping you perfect your Julep-making skills for September. This class will teach you the classic Julep as well as some modern interpretations.

May 2: SHAKE IT UP – After mastering the stirred cocktail, learn to shake up a cocktail while also learning some cocktail chemistry.

May 9: PORCH POUNDERS – Porch Pounders are cocktails made to share. Learn how to whip up some batch cocktails in preparation for when the partying starts again.

May 16: SUMMER SLUSHIES – Cool down with some boozy slushies. Perfect for hot afternoons spent in the backyard.

May 23: TIKI TALK – Learn the history of tiki drinks while learning to craft your own sweet and fruity concoctions.

Tickets range from $5 to $10 for streaming-access only, to up to $75 to have bar equipment and libations delivered to your door.