When Corona Signs are not about beer

“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.” Certainly, the Five Man Electrical Band did not envision how signs are being used during Corona 2020 when they made the song famous in 1971. (Remember this lyric? “And the sign said ‘Long-haired freaky people need not apply’”)

Check out photographer Kathryn Harrington’s growing collection of Corona signs.

Donohue Signs Inc on First Street encourages social distancing.
The sign at Wild Ginger directs its customers arriving for takeout orders.
This sign at Deer Park Baptist Church seems sadly familiar now.
Like many shuttered shops, The Sweet Spot is offering ways to stay connected with customers.
Taj Louisville in Nulu hung a banner on its building to show love for Gov. Andy.
A digital sign at the intersection of West Main and Ninth streets is no longer telling you to just slow down.
St. John United Church of Christ on Market Street in NuLu offers advice for the body and soul.
The Lynn Family Stadium Jumbotron shifts from sports to inspirational sayings.