Glowing green: City lights up for COVID-19 fatalities

“Tonight, and every night that I have to report a fatality, it’s a small thing but we’re going to light the Kentucky Governor’s Mansion green. Green is the color of compassion, it’s the color of empathy. It’s also a color of renewal.” —Gov. Andy Beshear.

And so across the state and Louisville, porch lights and business marquees have been lit green to mark those who have lost their lives to COVID-19. That number stood at 129 on Thursday.

The green glow can be seen coming from residential porch lights, strands of green LEDs on storefronts and the entire Lynn Family Soccer Stadium in Butchertown. The Waterfront Development Corporation has set the Big Four Bridge’s lights to green. “Green is the color of hope, and during this crisis we want it to be a reminder to everyone that hope is a strong current that binds our city as we work together to mitigate the pandemic,” the agency wrote on its blog.

Old Louisville.
City Hall.
The Highlands.
The Highlands.
Anoosh Bistro on Brownsboro Road.
Christ Church United Methodist.
The Lynn Family Stadium glows green while its jumbotron displays messages related to the coronavirus.
The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts.
Humana is one of the many downtown locations to glow green.
Old Louisville.
Old Forrester on Whiskey Row.
The world’s largest baseball bat, at the Louisville Slugger Museum.
Taste Fine Wines and Bourbons in Nulu.
The Highlands.
The Doo-Wop Shop on Bardstown Road.