Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd (4/1/2020)

Thorn: Repeat: Only Hitler is Hitler

Not enough vitriol and shaming can be heaped upon U.S. Rep. Thomas “Short-circuited” Massie for holding up virus relief aid and forcing U.S. House members to expose themselves to illness by returning to D.C. But, then, Democratic challenger Alexandra Owensby compared him to Hitler, basically saying the architect of the Holocaust also was a man of action like Massie. Is that the sound of a needle scratching across a record? 

Rose: No cash bail gets corona boost

Some sanity has prevailed in the justice system. In Jefferson County, 177 people awaiting trial have been released by court order and agreement from prosecutors and public defenders, The Courier Journal reported. Essentially, the virus has done what advocates for no cash bail have pushed for. A glint of a silver lining.

Thorn: Because dishwashers and ovens are ‘essential’

GE Appliances stopped production at Appliance Park last week but has brought back workers over union protest. GE, owned by a Chinese company Haier, said it has installed plastic curtains at workstations, is encouraging social distancing and requiring workers to wear personal protective equipment. Now, the union chief is under quarantine, awaiting test results. Meanwhile, Haier stepped up its PR with a full-page ad in The CJ celebrating first responders and healthcare workers. 

Rose: Honk if you love Jesus!

The On Fire Christian Church in Louisville held drive-in services. Read this eloquent description by CJ photographer Alton Strupp: “Welcomed by a chorus of car horns, the church band played from a stage at the beginning of service. Patrons sat on top of their cars and hung their hands out of their windows and sunroofs.”

Absurd: It’s beginning to feel a lot like …Just kill us!

106.9 Play radio added Christmas music to its playlist “to inspire hope throughout our community as we all deal with COVID-19.” 

Absurd:  Liz would have had a plan!

CJ headline of the week: “Global health crisis wasn’t in Beshear’s policy plans.’