Photos: Dance The Distance Gets Butchertown Moving

As the coronavirus pandemic has upended normal life and has many staying home, Ken Lucchese and Jeannde Ford brought music and dance Sunday to Butchertown with the goal of getting them to join in — from the safe distance of their yards and porches, of course. Ford danced to music through Butchertown while Lucchese filmed their interactions with those who wanted to dance along. While the two know too well the tragedy occurring due to the coronavirus, they said they hope through their Dance the Distance project they lift spirits and strengthen connections. They’ll be in Germantown on Sunday, and you can message them on their Facebook page, Dance the Distance, to ask them to come dance in your neighborhood.

Check out these photos by Kathryn Harrington.

Ken Lucchese films while Jeannde Ford dances to music for their Butchertown neighbors.
A neighbor and friend to Ford and Lucchese, Patti Pugh enjoys the performance from her window.
Butchertown residents enjoy Ford’s performance from a safe distance on their porch.
Kyal Mattingly and his grandmother Pat dance along with Ford in Butchertown on Sunday.
Ford encourages Heidi Lael and Elijah McKenzie to dance.
Ford and Lucchese make their way through Butchertown looking for neighbors at home who might want to dance along.
Ford wrote ‘Dance the Distance 3/29/2020’ in chalk at the end of her last performance for the day.