Finally the sun… photos from Saturday

It was a beautiful day after a string of dark rainy ones. Kids were out with chalk. And Red Top, Hot Buns and the 502 Cafe brought their food trucks to Emerson park on Saturday from noon-5 p.m. for the Grab & Go Festivo. Customers were encouraged to practice social distancing by calling the phone numbers on the trucks to make orders. Check out these photos by Kathryn Harrington.
Tabitha Criswell with Four Pegs gets ready to open the 502 Cafe food truck at the Grab and Go Festivo in Emerson Park.
Allison Whitehouse at the Grab & Go Festivo in Emerson park on Saturday.
Together but far enough apart at the Grab & Go Festivo in Emerson Park.
Red Top owner Ryan Cohee takes a customer’s order in Emerson Park.
Emil David prepares an order at the Hot Buns food truck.
Just a reminder.
With the spread of the coronavirus, many Louisville residents have been sharing messages of hope and kindness.
A mural in the Tyler Park neighborhood shares an uplifting message and love for Gov. Andy Beshear.
Children in The Highlands are creating sidewalk games with chalk while at home.
Dining al fresco at Emerson Park area while social distancing at the Grab & Go Festivo.
It was still possible to enjoy the company of neighbors but at a distance, at the Grab & Go Festivo.
Positive artwork and uplifting messages with chalk are appearing across the city.