Behind the scenes photos from the MAMMOTH’s livestream fundraiser

In a bid to save The MAMMOTH, a Civil War-era warehouse, owner Aron Conaway and friends hosted a five-hour variety show fundraising livestream event that was broadcast from various undisclosed locations around Louisville. The once-vibrant space for artists, musicians and other creatives must be brought back up to code so it may re-open. Featured in the livestream were musical performances, poetry readings, performance art, skits and more. That night, $2,300 was raised, but you can donate at:

Aron Conaway and folk musician John Paul Wright kick off MAMMOTH-vision 2020, a five-hour livestream fundraising event.
Artist and performer Octoclaw presents one of his pieces on the livestream.
John Barrera and Craig McClurkin operate the audio and streaming equipment.
John Paul Wright reads a selection of poems from his book titled ‘Even Further.’
John Paul Wright plays the guitar with Craig McClurking on the harmonica, singing tunes encouraging the livestream viewers to make donations for The MAMMOTH’s revival.
MAMMOTH owner Aron Conaway looks over the list of the upcoming entertainment to perform on the livestream.
No handshaking! Octoclaw elbow bumps Aron Conaway before he begins the next segment of the fundraising livestream.
Aron Conaway gives thanks to those who made donations to save the MAMMOTH.
Hard at work behind the scenes, John Barrera monitors the audio and video for the livestream.
A video camera focuses on Octoclaw’s performance for the MAMMOTH-vision 2020 livestream.