Photos of Louisville during the coronavirus

It seems most of us Louisvillians are following Gov. Andy’s plea to stay “healthy at home.” Some still have to work, and others are enjoying being social outside at a distance. Check out Kathryn Harrington’s photo essay on the City Under Corona.

Charles Kemble rides through downtown on his day off. Kemble, who is an ambassador for Block by Block, has been working to sanitize frequently touched surfaces in downtown Louisville such as door handles and parking meters.
The work doesn’t stop for Rick Valentine who smiled for a photo while in downtown Louisville to put in a gas line.
Two of the few visitors to the waterfront, Jim and Anna Locke take in some welcomed sun for Anna’s birthday.
The Belvedere is empty of visitors while Louisville residents are advised to stay home.
The sidewalks on Main Street are nearly vacant.
Usually flowing with vehicles at mid-morning, the streets of downtown Louisville are seeing less traffic as more people work remotely.
Usually the place to find out where you are and where to go to eat or drink, the electronic kiosk had different Information.
Before noon on a weekday, Fourth Street Live was empty.