10 Concerts That You Shouldn’t Miss In March

Wombo (Album Release)
Friday, March 6
A psychedelic post-punk band, Wombo is one of the most experimental and forward-thinking local acts, with a sound that is complex and catchy. They are set to release their latest album, Blossomlooksdownuponus, at this show.

Zack Stefanski (Album Release)
Saturday, March 7
Through melancholy electro-pop that’s emotionally heavy and excellently produced, Zack Stefanski’s music is sharp, unpredictable and genre defying, a balancing act that floats around the style spectrum. He is set to release the record 5hrs at the show.

Papa M, Ruth Napier
Surface Noise
Sunday, March 8
Multi-instrumentalist David Pajo — who played guitar in Slint — has been releasing solo music for more than two decades. Although he is a post-rock trailblazer, his solo work veers more towards folk, although in his standard eerie and innovative way.  

Bob Wier and Wolf Bros.
Sunday, March 8
The Louisville Palace
The rhythm guitarist and part-time singer of the Grateful Dead is still out on the road, performing tunes that made him a jam-band icon.

The Lumineers
Tuesday, March 10
KFC Yum Center
With their radio-ready folk rock, The Lumineers have become a touring giant. The five piece, known for its energy and slick melodies, taking sad, introspective songs and spinning them into pop gold. 

Insatiable Digs
Friday, March 13
Jimmy Can’t Dance
Merging funk, soul and rock, Insatiable Digs values deep grooves and smooth vocals, resulting in something that has both a catchy prowess and an incredible attention to detail, recalling an updated version of Motown. 

Brent Cobb
Saturday, March 14
A slick alt-country songwriter whose songs chronicle small town life in evocative detail, Cobb’s music is nostalgic, balancing good-time, flying-high stories with harsh crashes back to earth. Cobb will be performing acoustically. 

The Archaeas (Album Release)
Saturday, March 14
Rockerbuilt Studio
With a style that leans toward garage-punk, The Archaeas create something that simultaneously feels inviting and ominous, wild but with some doom mixed into the atmosphere. They’re set to release a 7-inch record at the show. JaxonLeeSwain, WiiRMZ, TheBobbyLees and BabyBones will also perform. 

Legendary Shack Shakers
Friday, March 20
Headliners Music Hall
The veteran Southern gothic roots band Legendary Shack Shakers are an explosive, versatile outfit that remain incredibly unique. 

Belushi Speed Ball (Album Release)
Saturday, March 28
The eccentric thrash punk band is releasing a new album, and they’ll undoubtably make it a wild and theatrical show.