GRLwood depicts the horrors of gun violence in video for ‘Get Shot’

The punk duo GRLwood has released a heavy statement about gun violence through a new video for their song “Get Shot,” which depicts a mass shooting.

The fictional video shows a man walking through a hallway with a rifle, shooting several victims. 

In a statement, the band broke down the meaning and statement behind the new video:

“America’s biggest fallacy: ‘guns save lives.’ Guns are ripping lives away from humanity like a diseased plague. In ‘Get Shot,’ the flowers that bloom from the victims’ mouths as they reanimate show the beauty that was robbed from them by guns. We reject the ‘good guy with a gun’ argument.  Here is a ‘good guy with a good gun’ shooting people alive. Which is absolutely ridiculous! The end eviscerates this with everyone dropping back down to the ground, dead. This American delusion is brought to an abrupt end; guns destroy life.”

The video was directed by Antonio Pantoja. Watch it below.

Warning: This video depicts gun violence.