Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd

Thorn: Pompeo, A Loyal Flush

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke at UofL’s McConnell Center’s Distinguished Speaker Series this week. It was proof that the bar is as low as Hades for whom U.S. Sen. Mitch “By Any Means” McConnell deems “distinguished.” The only way Pompeo has distinguished himself is as complicit in the Ukraine quid pro quo — just another piece of sewage that will get flushed out of office with tRump. Of course, Pompeo did not bring up Ukraine, and neither did McConnell, the only person allowed to question Pompeo.

Rose: ‘Los 3 Hermanos’!

Say what?! A Mexican drug cartel is selling drugs in the U.S.?! Even if that is not shocking, you still should read The Courier Journal’s certain, strong Pulitzer bid, a dramatic, well-told nine-month investigation into how a drug kingpin set up shop in small towns around the nation, including in Louisville, Lexington and Paducah. We wish the Kentucky ties had been chronicled in their own sidebar (the cartel in Louisville ran out of a used tire shop with the “Breaking Bad”-esque name “Los 3 Hermanos”!), and we would’ve liked a story — beyond the editor’s note — on people using cartel drugs, but…

Thorn: Reopen Walmart Of Ideas

Speaking of no kidding, the CJ announced it has closed its web page comment sections because they “have often been a toxic space meant instead for the thoughtful exchange of ideas.” The CJ says this is “for now” but then says, “If we bring comments back, what needs to change?” Maybe change nothing. Maybe let people show us their true selves.

Rose + Absurd: Eagle Has Landed

Athena, one of the two golden eagles Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest is tracking, finished her 1,699-mile migration from northern Manitoba to Bernheim Forest. Harper, the other eagle, arrived Nov. 16, and the two reunited Nov. 26. “Imagine,” the Bernheim blog gushes, “spending over one month apart from your significant other, hoping they will return but being unsure about when and where exactly. Not knowing what track, they had taken, but knowing that the plan was to meet back up at the usual spot. It would be a joyous reunion for sure!” Or… maybe they are simply eagles that want to get funky in the forest!