Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd

Thorn: Iroquois High Chaos

How did four Iroquois High School students get to the point where they thought it was OK to allegedly fracture a child’s jaw? What brutal worldview would lead them to such a thing? This atavistic instinct is not isolated to just students. The CJ reported that a school district security monitor wrote this on Facebook about the students: “Put them in prison where they get jumped and passed around like a b—-.” When reached by the CJ, he said: “So, I made a comment about bad kids who are actually being charged as adults, I believe. So, somehow I’m the bad guy here?” Just weeks ago, an Iroquois teacher was recorded fighting a student. Iroquois had 17 arrests in 2018-19, the CJ reported.

Thorn + Absurd: ‘Blackii Effing Whyte’ Couldn’t Have Been Worse Than Matt ‘Effing’ Bevin

In what we hope is the last mention of Gov.-reject Matt Bevin in this column, we bestow upon him yet another thorn, this one for failing to concede the race with grace and without crop dusting innuendo of conspiracy. He told reporters: “We know of some things but not enough to know there’s going to be meaningful change.” Again, no evidence offered. Perhaps he was referring to the only vote change from the statewide recanvass — one vote from Casey County for write-in candidate “Blackii Effing Whyte.” We are serious…

Rose + Thorn: Shots Fired, Mitch

State Rep. Charles Booker has announced he may try to unseat U.S. Sen. Mitch “Massacre” McConnell in 2020. Providing a possible clue to his motivation, The West End Democrat tweeted Sunday: “This morning, while ironing our clothes for church, I counted at least 25 gunshots nearby. Sirens followed. My 3-year-old asked were they fireworks. I calmly told her no. This is why I am urgent. This is why I refuse to sit down or be quiet.”

Thorn: Not From Here, Are You?

A thorn to the downtown hotel that tried to poach The Irish Rover’s “cooks” by leaving leaflets promising a “$250 sign on bonus” and talking with staff.

Absurd AF: CJ AF

From a Courier Journal review of the Slayer concert last week: “Slayer came, Slayer saw, Slayer conquered. Slayer left. Metal AF.”