Election 2019, The Great Urban-Rural Divide

For once, the polls were right: Andy Beshear barely beat Matt Bevin to take the governor’s office (unless Bully Bevin prevails in his dangerous efforts to subvert the democratic process). What should be clear is that Beshear lucked out by facing perhaps the only Republican in Kentucky who could not get elected that day. The entire under ticket went red, each garnering more votes than did Bevin… and, alarmingly, Beshear, as well.

For you who get your news through pithy memes and bumper stickers: Bevin’s karma finally ran over his dogma. Check out LEO’s trenchant analysis of the election and the maps below to get a sense of how Bevin lost and what faults in the GOP glacier might have emerged. Topping everyone’s list is: What does Bevin’s loss portend for Kentucky in 2020 when we decide whether tRump will extend his reign and, perhaps worse, whether we will allow Sith Lord McConnell to continue to wreak more, long-term damage on this country.