Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd

Rose: An Enlightened Corner

This righteous knit-bomb was seen near the corner of Barret and Rufer avenues where, coincidentally, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has a billboard that pokes at Kentucky’s new law requiring schools to post “In God we trust.” The billboard says: “In God, Allah, Buddah, Shiva, Yaweh, None of the Above We Trust?”

Rose: On One Park’s Future, Magic 8-Ball Says, ‘Outlook Good’

One Park, informally and formerly known as Cogan Towers, was approved by The Louisville Metro Planning Commission last week. It goes next to the Metro Council.  Will the project, with its 18-story tower jutting above Cherokee Park like a… er, finger… get council approval? Look toward the past to see the future: The council approved Kevin Cogan’s other park-adjacent giant, the 15-story Willow Grande, despite neighborhood objections. We think council will and should approve One Park. It is a good use for this blighted corner because it would add affordable housing (not enough but some) and encourage density over sprawl.

Thorn: GOP Puts Dead In Deadlock

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear has campaigned on expanding gambling to help with pension costs and teacher pay hikes. But Republican leaders of the state House and Senate say they will block any such legislation. “If Andy Beshear wins, there will be four years of unprecedented deadlock,” Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer told the Lexington Herald-Leader. Meanwhile, Churchill Downs’ top three execs are betting on Gov. Matt Bevin. They gave to his campaign but not to Beshear’s, WDRB reported.

Thorn: Turtle In A Kangaroo Court

U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell said in a Facebook campaign ad that the way to stop President tRump’s impeachment is “a Senate majority with me as majority leader.” So much for hearing the facts first.