Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd

Thorn: City’s Homeless ‘Shell Game’

Buried 10 paragraphs into a Courier Journal story about our homeless people is this obscenely honest remark from the city official who is supposed to be helping them: “We are odd in how we fund things,” Eric Friedlander, city director of Resilience and Community Services, told the CJ. “We fund the displacement and the cleanup but have trouble funding the mitigation. That’s the story of how we do things.” He called the city’s shutting down of homeless camps “a shell game.” But, please, let’s save those city owned golf courses!

Thorn: More Bike Lanes, Please

A scary, interactive piece in The New York Times underscored what we all know: We Louisvillians love to drive our carbon-spewing Chevy Climate Changers, Ford Fumers and Dodge Dust Bowls — a lot. The NYT story says total emissions here were up 40% since 1990 and per-person emissions were up 11% percent for the same period. “Emissions from driving in the Louisville, Ky., metro area grew faster than population between 1990 and 2017, which means emissions per person have increased,” the paper reported.

Thorn: How Trump Was Elected

A judge has ruled Republican Daniel Cameron’s barely eight years as a licensed lawyer qualifies him to run for attorney general. The court accepted a “simple” definition of  a “practicing lawyer” because it “minimizes the need for judicial intervention in popular elections.” His opponent, Democrat Greg Stumbo, a former attorney general, has said he did not bring the lawsuit against Cameron. But, he said: “I have spent my life becoming a seasoned trial attorney in the courtrooms of this state on behalf of Kentuckians. My opponent has never even prosecuted a traffic ticket citation.” Having low standards is how we got the Buffoon in Chief.

Thorn: Indiana, $813,103; Kentucky, $0

The first month of legal sports betting in Indiana saw $35.2 million in bets, including a $1.1 million handle at Horseshoe Southern Indiana. The state got $813,103 in taxes. We got zilch for bettors who crossed the river.

Thorn: CJ Glorifies Teen Parents

A CJ story about a talented high school footballer from a well-off family who became a father at 15 needed context. It paints teen parenthood as a fabulous thing.