Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd

Rose: Getting Under Mitch’s Shell

Typically, U.S. Sen. Mitch “Moscow Mule” McConnell is as reticent and hard-shelled as a tortoise when he is criticized, especially by the press. But he recently issued a red hot rebuttal of InsideClimate News reporter James Bruggers’ story in the Courier Journal: “McConnell says he’s a friend to coal. But will his record with miners hurt him in 2020?” McConnell’s clap back was, ironically, published in the CJ: “Once again, this shrinking paper has confused its news and opinion pages. Instead of professional reporting, The Courier Journal published on its front page a 2,400-word liberal smear of my record of fighting for Kentucky.” This extraordinarily defensive reply from McConnell, coupled with his publicly displayed displeasure over his nickname “Moscow Mitch,” must mean he is running scared toward the 2020 election. Keep up the good work!

Absurd: Bevin OKs Crime In Kiev

Just when you think Gov. Matt “Erratic” Bevin could not get any more… erratic, WFPL News reported that he said he would accept foreign government help to investigate corruption, even if it involved investigating a political opponent. Of course, the question came up because of President tRump’s efforts to enlist the Ukraine in an investigation of his political rival. WFPL said Bevin: “Let me tell you, the fact that it is a political rival is irrelevant.” Psst, Matt. Maybe China will investigate Andy Beshear!

Thorn: AG Has A Low Bar To Pass

As we have averred in this paper previously several times, shouldn’t the top prosecutor of the state, the attorney general, have a long, proven history of legal work including time spent in courtrooms? Republican Daniel Cameron barely makes the eight-year threshold required for the office, and now a judge will decide whether he practiced enough law during even that short time. What a low standard for such a high office.

Thorn: Is Louisville’s Compassion Affordable For Only The Rich?

The developer of One Park on Cherokee Park has agreed to make 5% of its units affordable, the CJ reported.  That is about 21 as far as we can figure. WDRB had reported that the city wanted 42. Meanwhile, opponents of an affordable housing project in Prospect have sent threatening emails to the developer’s family.